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Things To Do Before You Hit 'Publish'

Take a look at the community guidelines below to find out about the kind of things which stays on Your 1 Opinion and the kind which doesn’t.

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Contribution Guidelines

The articles should address a wide range of subjects and must be of relevant topic.  The topics can include something valuable that impacts the nation and so forth. However, it is also a fact that your view are your entirely your own and should not be considered that we subscribe to the same opinion.

Remember, you are sharing your knowledge, and your audience is likely to get influenced by the article. Articles must not contain any pornographic material or preach hate. Rather, they should provide interesting and helpful information.

Please follow these steps to submit articles after your profile has been approved (Sign in to submit articles):

  1. Find a topic that has not been covered. You can email us your posts at or send queries if you are uncertain about your topic.
  2. Add a unique title with maximum length of 90 characters.
  3. Write summary of your article.
  4. Write your article using MS Word or other text program which must be atleast 500 words.
  5. Adding links for spamming liable to immediate rejections. You can add one website link, LinkedIn profile url, Facebook profile url or Twitter Profile url in end of post.
  6. Featured image must be good quality and clearly visible. Please use free stock images. Preferred image size is 1068*713.
  7. Select a specific category and tags depending on the nature of content that you want to publish.
  8. Select submit for approval.
  9. After submission you give us permission to edit or modify your article if needed.

Writing Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to ensure your article finds its intended audience:

  1. Be clear and direct. Our visitors are quite informed and you should put up the information with real facts. The article should engage the audience and should be thoughtful.
  2. Use appropriate headlines, and quotes
  3. No plagiarism please. All the content should be original
  4. Articles should contain high-quality opinion and should be well presented.
  5. All submissions must be proofread already, and be free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes.