In Religion Vs Humanity – What’s the Catch?

Religion and humanity is both intertwined and there is a need to understand the basic concept of religion.


In layman terms, it is quite difficult to define the concept of religion and humanity. But here we are more interested in differentiating the two. Let us not get into the nitty- gritties. On the contrary, we should focus on identifying the key factor that binds us all together. Although humanity and religion are not quite close, they are relatively the same. You may also correlate the two terms as both side of the coin. If it comes to having certain set of values and beliefs, apart from following traditions, then we are talking about religion. Humanity on the other hand is about co-existing together, despite the many key differences. Humanity also resembles class struggle and is mostly about emancipation and having the right to live life with dignity.

If you look from the perspective of humanity, quite often it is the culture that acts as a binding agent. On the one hand, religion is more about staying connected with a Supreme Being or deity and sustaining the proclaimed faith, without worrying about other virtues.

Why Humanity needs Religion 

Religion at first glance is actually not a bad thing. Most religions have a good message with good people who follow it. I myself was born and raised Catholic. Religion gives comfort and hope to people who would not otherwise have it. Faith provides us the means to stand together. On the contrary, humanity is all about understanding and respecting the views of other people.

By looking at a wider picture, it becomes clear that true meaning of religion has changed to a great extent in today’s society. Religion that was a way to connect with God is now used as a breeding ground for war and conflicts.

There is a belief that Humanity comes before. The first step towards resolving the present crisis and find a way forward is to have an impartial mind.  It is only when that we confront the  issues that is affecting us  and look for a suitable means to emerge out of the confusion head on that we realise the extent of help that we may need. So I urge everyone to stay away from fringe elements whose only motive is to get votes and to polarize in the name of religion. We have to teach everyone that humanity comes before religion. Humanity is the essence of every religion.

A biased mind, which never sees the complete picture,  will never be in a position to the grab the actual reality  Any issue, including political, economic and religious activities human beings pursue in this world, should be fully understood before we pass our judgement. Therefore, it is very important to know the causes. Whatever the issue, we should be able to see the complete picture. This will enable us to comprehend the whole story. 

Religion and humanity is both intertwined and there is a need to understand the basic concept of religion. Religion is something that gives us faith and humanity offers us a sense of belonging. Once we eventually find a way to co-exist together, we will never have to worry about other constraints. The concept of God needs no new introduction. But it is all about humanity and the overall good. As long as mutual brotherhood and genuine respect for other faiths will be there, the ordinary individual will have the means to become a better man by then.


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