Eight Problems Women Face in the Indian Society on a Regular Basis

    Women in India are thankfully no longer burnt after the demise of their husband but gender bias in India continues to be a pressing issue even in 2017. In this article we are going to discuss some of the problems which can only be understood by the women who face them on a regular basis.

    1. Most awkward set of questions before an arranged marriage

    When an Indian guy is all set to marry the woman of his parent’s choice, the would-be bride often has to answer a series of awkward questions. She might be asked about her relations with men in the past, whether she knows how to cook meals and if she is a virgin or not. The guy on the other hand is treated like a demi god who has come into the girl’s life as a saviour.

    1. Short clothes and cigarettes are for sluts
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    Walking the streets in a short dress even in the biggest Indian cities can land a woman into a lot of trouble. Apart from the constant stares and occasional remarks a woman can even be lectured by the patriotic moral polices about the size of her dress. On new years’ eve 2016, a group of female party goers were molested en masse at an event in Bangalore. In the wake of this incident a local politician suggested that the blame lay with the clothes the women chose to wear. A woman in India needs to think twice about going to the nearest grocery in her shorts. Similarly a female smoker in India tends to get a lot more stares while the male smoker gets to blow their smoke everywhere. If you are an Indian woman enjoying a smoke on the sidewalk, chances are high that the local uncle and aunties would give you a lesson on Indian values.

    1. Groping and touching in public transport
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    Almost all women in India have experienced this problem at some point of their life. If you have ever travelled in a crowded bus, metro or local train you have surely been groped by one pervert or another. If you want to keep all those disgusting creeps away, then make sure to carry a pepper spray in your bag at all times.

    1. The tremendous pressure to balance work and family responsibilities
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    Indian husbands and in-laws have never been of much help to the wives. So a married working woman has to begin her day 2 hours before everyone else, cook meals, pack lunch, make breakfast, wake everybody up with bed tea, send the kids to school and then finally start getting ready for work. Making tea or cooking lunch is never really considered to be a man’s job.

    1. Becoming a single mother is out of question
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    Indian society still hasn’t come to terms with the concept of a single mother. Even in their wildest dreams they can’t imagine a woman bringing up a child on her own without the help of a husband. “Where is the husband/father?” is a common question repeated asked to a single mother in every sphere of life starting from school admission to a marriage ceremony.

    1. Harassment at workplace
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    Groping, touching and inappropriate talks in elevators and behind closed doors is a most common occurrence in workplaces in India. Both women working as domestic help and those working in the top MNCs are known to face similar kind of problems. Most Indian offices still don’t have a proper system capable of dealing with workplace harassment. Most women don’t report these incidents for fear for losing their job.

    1. Travelling alone at late night when you don’t have a man or a car
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    Using public transport can be a real risky affair when you are a single woman travelling alone at night. Unless you have a gun on you or have a basic knowledge or kick boxing or judo you should surely avoid taking a late night stroll in India.

    1. Many bars don’t serve drink to a single girl
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    If are an Indian woman who wants to grab a beer after a gruelling day at work, chances are high that you would be politely refused by bartenders. Unfortunately most Indians still think that women are not able to hold their drink on their own. However, if you have a man on your side you would be gladly served all the drink you want.


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