The Future of Virtual Reality – Next Computing Platform


Although most of us associate the term Virtual Reality (VR) with gaming, it could soon evolve into the next platform for computing in the near future and turn into a multimillion dollar industry. The launch of PlayStation’s VR headset and the immense popularity of Pokemon Go has made it clear that modern consumers are all up for adopting the new augmented reality.

VR could be the next computing platform in the days to come

Most of the talks concerning VR are mostly related to its impact on gaming, movie making and other entertainment content. However, Mark Zuckerberg is of opinion that VR would easily rise above all these categories and become the next important platform for computing. According to the Facebook CEO, VR would provide us a way of capturing an individual’s natural experiences and share them with others. Virtual Reality is still in its formative stage and it would take at least 5-10 years for it to become mainstream.

VR is eventually going to impact all your senses

Presently Virtual Reality only affects the visual and auditory senses of the users though this experience is most likely to be enhanced in the near future. According to Frank Azor, the GM of Alienware, when VR is going to impact all the human senses like touch and smell the virtual factor would fade into the background while the reality factor would come into prominence. Sophisticated touch sensors which would dissolve the boundary between virtual world and the real world, is going to be the next step of VR. The manufacturers of VR software and hardware are always experimenting with this aspect so as to transform the nature of VR from immersive to totally interactive.

The first VR Arcade has turned to be a huge success

The IMAX VR Experience Centre in Los Angeles comes with 14 VR pods equipped with state of the art Star VR, HTC Vive headsets and the SubPac audio vest. Movie goers are rushing in to try out a 4D version of their favourite games like John Wick Chronicles or Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine. The audience is directed to a large roomy space called the VR Pod where an attendant is present to help them with their VR gear and explain the entire process. In the near future IMAX will be rolling out new VR Arcades in New York City, China UK along with a second location in California. It also needs to be mentioned in this context that Stephen Spielberg in collaboration with a number of studios have financed the creation of Dreamscape Immersive an all new free roam VR attraction which is about to open its first location in LA.

The market potential of Virtual Reality is tremendous

The VR market which was worth around $1.9 billion one year back is expected to rise to a whopping $22.4 billion by 2020. However, as of now most companies are just getting started with the virtual reality technology which is why there is still lots of time to reap profits from the benefits of VR.


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