A few countries where World War 3 could break out


    Many believe that we are really closer to the World War 3 than ever before. If someone is looking for signs, there are a plenty – the war in Syria and Iraq, the Iran crisis, Kim Jong-un’s recent manoeuvres in North Korea, or the increasing tensions between the US and Russia.

    North Korea

    The most potent threat in recent times comes from the aggravating tensions between the US and the North Korea. Disregarding all UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests and twenty-six ballistic missile tests in 2016 and is continuing to do more missile trials in 2017. On more than one occasion, the state has threatened to launch a nuclear attack against its enemies. The current US President, Donald Trump, on his part, responded these missile tests and threats of nuclear wars with strong statements and by boosting the military presence of the US in the Korean peninsula. If the US decides to derail the North Korean missile program with a preventive military strike, or if the North Korean regime launches a pre-emptive attack to safeguard its own interests, the ensuing conflict will pull in other global powers like China, Russia and Japan.


    Syria could very well be the ground zero for the next world war. The armed forces of the two superpowers – US and Russia – are involved in a bloody fight in the same region. Russian bombers are flying in dangerous proximity to the US fighter jets over the Syrian airspace. The recent events in Syria have upset every possibility of US-Russia alliance in Syria. A single misunderstanding or miscommunication between these two nations involved in Syrian war would easily kick off the World War 3.


    Some experts of the international politics claim that Latvia could be the storm centre of the next global conflict. The otherwise insignificant nation in the global power formations, this Baltic state could emerge as the bone of contention between US and Russia that would ignite the World War 3. Many global security experts believe that after Crimea and Ukraine invasions, now Putin has his eyes on Latvia. If Russia takes an aggressive stance towards Latvia, US could be forced to come to the rescue of the nation which is a NATO member. In such a scenario, not only the US, but all other NATO powers would be compelled to join Latvia against Russia and the Third World War would begin.

    South Asia

    The Indo-Pakistan conflict on the Kashmir issue seemed to be escalating since the beginning of this year. The two powerful nations in the South Asian region have increased their operations along the line of control and the number of border skirmishes has gone up. Trump’s suggestion that he would play the role of the mediator in the Kashmir dispute has attracted strong oppositions from India. If any of the two South Asian nations further escalate their military operations, a larger conflict would erupt and giants like China and US could not but find themselves drawn into the war.


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